Young inventor from Adamawa state invents a digital slate (Allo), Nigerian’s react- photos

A young man from Adamawa state simple named as Engineer Umar Bondiri jas invented a digital slate to replace the tradition and known used slate (Allo) which is commonly used by the Almajiri system of Education in Northern Nigeria.

According to a post on Twitter by one Omasoro Ali Over @Ovieali, the invention is to help almajiri students to familiarized with the modern learning systems as they enrol for the new combined Almajiri and formal educational systems.

Umar is said to hold a PhD in Agricultural technology and was once a former secretary to the Adamawa state government.

Meanwhile, many Nigerian’s have reacted to the newly developed device, especially, from northern Nigeria. Many hold the opinion that it will not serve the purpose of

Read their responses below.

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