You don’t get “Sexually hungry” until you start having s*x Reno Omokri replies a curious follower on Twitter

Reno Omokri jas replied a follower who asked him a question about being sexually hungry.

The follower who was reacting to Omomri earlier post where he criticised those who indulge in premarital sex in other to gauge sexual compatibility..

A Twitter user with the handle “Preacherman” now asked, why an if a person gets sexually hungry?

Omokri in his response stated that one can only have sexual hunger when he starts having sex.

He wrote;

“You don’t get ” Sexually hungry” until you start having sex. Scriptures say “Do not arouse love until the time is right”. Songs of Solomon 8:4. Once you start sex it is hard to stop! Be patient. You will surely eat bearded meat”.

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