YARIMAN ZAZZAU Munir Jaafaru: THE UNSUNG HERO OF THE ZAZZAU POWER TUSSLE—By Maiwada DammallamAgainst popular expectations, the Zazzau throne, recently thrown up for grabs by eligible princes, was maturely contested, won and lost with minimum damage to both the dignity of individual contenders and the overall prestige of the Zazzau Emirate. Major contenders displayed a very rare or even unprecedented sportsmanship.The contest was devoid of the usual mudslinging and similar destructive methods. That’s quite commendableYariman Zazzau, Alhaji Munir Jafar, a frontline contender, came out of the contest a winner although without being the chosen one.While the contest lasted, he maintained a dignified silence and was not associated with any under the table trick to shortchange other contenders. It’s apparent he relied entirely on the will of Allah SWT for success or otherwise.History of Zazzau Emirate will forever remember the maturity and sportsmanship he displayed before, during and after the contest.Yariman Zazzau has all it takes to either preserve or destroy the prestige of the Emirate.He chose the later. His submission to the will of Allah SWT on the emergence of Ambassador Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli as the new Emir and his prompt allegiance were both disarming and an affirmation of his humility, quality of character and respect to the Zazzau Emirate.His decision to pay prompt allegiance to the new Emir is as commendable as it’s meant to prevent cracks in the emirate and allow the new Emir settle down to face the hard task of filling the huge shoes left behind by late Emir Shehu Idris and his forefathers.Indeed, there are lessons for princes to learn from Yarima’s commendable response to his defeat. His prompt allegiance might’ve saved lives as it denies devilish people taking advantage of the volatile situation to unleash mayhem in the Emirate. Hard as it is, he put the Emirate over and above his personal ambition.I sincerely pray the new Emir will find Yarima a worthy ally and keep him close to cement relationships among the ruling families to help take Zazzau to the next level. In him are endearing ethics worthy of emulation.This is wishing the new Emir a long, successful and productive tenure.Allah Yaja zamanin Sarki Ahmed Nuhu Bamali!

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