Why Nigerian parents need to be more security conscious of their children

Being a parent this time in Nigeria is a very big challenge these days, we need to step up our watch.

I woke up to the kidnapping and killing of little Mohammed, my last baby is 6, and so seeing his lifeless body on the mat is so traumatic.

Each time my 10-year-old daughter is sent on an errand, I always checked the time and count the number of minutes she spent until she returned in one piece.

The government have failed woefully in protecting the lives and properties of its citizens thereby exposing them to unnecessary danger every day.

Nowhere is safe for anyone, children seem to be the target these days, they can’t go to school in the day, those in the boarding house are living in fear of the unknown because of so many abductions here and there.

So parents should devise measures to use n protecting these defenceless innocent children who are being used as sacrifices daily.

It is not by our intelligence, but we should be more proactive as parents, speak openly with our children and let them know how to always decline people with bad intentions.

May the almighty protect us all from every evil in our land. To the parents of Mohammed may Allah give them the fortitude to bear his loss especially his mother.

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