Why men will always feel women are materialistic

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This is going to be controversial I know, but with critical and deep reasoning you might just get the message in between.

Today, many assume there is no true love as every woman is out for what she can get.

While some of the assertions are true some are wrong because in every relationship there must be sacrifices, kindness, caring and above all generosity among the couple.

The most important thing to note is the truth of each person intention towards each other.

Gold Digger or names like that are not supposed to be in a true relationship because it’s all about giving and taking by both.

Nowadays men use their money as a tool to being superior and as a source of control to women. When a woman doesn’t ask a man for money she is termed arrogant, when she asked or is solely depends on him she is called lazy and stuff like that.

How a true relationship should be

The moment a man and a woman decided to be together in terms of marriage and otherwise, some things don’t need to be requested for. E.g feeding and other daily upkeep that helps in keeping life going, while the lady is still not fully your responsibility, you can only assist when you want to.

1) Do not wait for your woman to ask you for things you already know she needs, even if she has them, you can surprise her and that will help you gain more respect and love from her.

2) Don’t use money as a weapon to win a woman, she will surely leave you when that money is finished, but genuine and true love by being yourself and true to her will not only give you the desired respect but also earn you a lifetime relationship.

3) Many who sees women as gold diggers or materialistic are equally untruthful and not genuine, spending on someone you truly cherish should not be a regret shortly but a thing of joy. But when she learns your true intentions about her and if they are not genuine, she will surely cash in on that to get what she can achieve as a woman.

Having said all the above points, many men tend to control their women on what they should and should not do, whether it is career-wise, business, or by totally killing their dreams. Denying a woman of her rights will surely make her turned against you.

Most times when women rebel against men for some reasons of deprivation and denial, they do it without pity because they are aggressive of a particular scenario.

And that is when she will put down all the mechanism in place to syphon all she can get from you as a man.

No woman should be a gold digger when properly taken care of, and no man should feel used when he spent his money on the right person, agree that some women can go overboard in doing things but, learn to do the little things that make her happy and always be truthful to each other so that understanding can relationship

Again women will not be materialistic when they are allowed by their partners to seek their legitimate source of livelihood, you see, she will have her own money and not bothered about spending yours. This will go a long way in cementing your relationship because there is going to be mutual respect amongst the two of you. And if there’s a family it can also be extended to them.

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