What northern youths need to learn from the Southern youths

I have been eager to write on this right from the #BBNaija finals, I thought that the #northernyouths have taken any lessons from that but no they are still here fighting people about religion first.

You see, the average southerner puts his brother first before any religion, let me handpick the Yoruba people to be precise, they are first Yoruba’s before being Christians or Muslims or any traditional worshipers.

That is why, when it’s time for Owambe they all gather and eat the same amala and dance to the same music, you can only differentiate them when each goes to worship.

Correct me if I am wrong, a Yoruba man can even go to church on Sunday and mosque on Friday all out of solidarity for each other, that did not change who they are.

A Yoruba person can only have you as a second-best, that’s when his real brother or sister is not around, but the moment they are around you are secondary, I’ve been friends with them right from childhood, and now I still have friends, I know and I know some will be reading this post.

When one of them (Yoruba) start something of progress, they will help and round to uplift that one person to stand strong on his feet, and that’s why they moment they are in a place and noticed the oga is their tribe they don’t speak English anymore but their mother tongue.

You may choose to insult them, but they put there own first.

Now, let’s come back to the north, the mother and father, alpha and omega of religion, where the youths only know how to attack anyone who dares mention anything about their religion even if what is being said is the truth.

The only people who can defend their religion but don’t know the religion in itself, the only place where they use prayers as a weapon to kill one another.

Now, I applied the “UK Tech for Her” sometimes last year even though I missed out, but they still keep In touch through emails, two days ago I received one of their emails on some activities they have done and some opportunities I may wish to key in.

When I opened the email almost all the names I saw there topping the list were southerners and Yoruba’s to be precise, I only came across one Muslim name and I am also thinking she is a Yoruba Muslim.

My grievance here is that these are the kind of places we should be channeling our energy on, we should adore and practice our religion, but at the same time let us compete with the rest of the world in terms of intellectual rights.

I am so happy that some of the youths are breaking barriers and going place but believe me it’s not enough.

And when I said northerners, I am not directing it to the Hausa’s or Muslims, every tribe in the northern region is who I am addressing right now, keep your bigotry aside and face the world.

A white man can only boast of what he has upstairs, but here we boast of our numbers in religion. Gods own religion has been there for ages and nothing happens to it and it shall continue to be there if only we purify ourselves and our intention towards each other.

The #endsars is not a religion fight but a fight for freedom for all, yesterday a certain Jimoh Ishaq from Ogbomosho was murdered in cold blood during the protest, the bullet did not miss him because he was a #Muslim, he equally didn’t stay at home because he was a Muslim, but it was a movement for humanity.

It is high time the northern youths have a sense of direction and set their priorities straight and stop sitting and insulting elders on social media for depriving them of their rights, just like Mali, you can snatch it if you so wish.

And don’t dare come after me for religion because I am a product of both Christianity and Islam, if not better than some of you.

Religion is a thing of the heart, practice it between you and your maker, and stop spreading hate in the name of the religion.

Start something you will be remembered for positively, and the time is now, change your attitudes and look around, the people at the top are the same and will continue to be the same and unless you take a stand, nothing will change.

This is purely my personal opinion and thought, you can hate me if you wish but that’s is my truth.


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