What can you remember about your childhood?

Growing up can be fun when you grow up in the right environment and around loved ones who can go extra miles to give you they’re all.

And we all have different ways of keeping our memories, some pleasant while others unpleasant, however, or whatever it is we still have flashbacks and what we will always look back to.

About two days back I was talking to my children, and in narrating a story I made mention an incident and my eldest daughter said she couldn’t remember, but when I insisted, she asked me how old she was, when the incident occurred, I told her she was 8 and she asked how I would expect her to remember something from such an age, she is 25 years old not.

Well, I told her I still remember what I did at age 5 but she and her sister all thought I was just making up stories, but when I kept going they all surrendered and listen.

Even my mother of blessed memory used to be amazed at how good of a memory I have when I tell her things.

My growing up

Growing up in a family of eight, my parents and my 5 siblings was a combination of sweet and sour experiences, however, one thing is for sure that we were very close as a family.

One other thing that stood out in my childhood was that both my parents are disciplinarians who left no stones unturned to bring us up modestly and so everything was well organized that you will feel we were comfortable whereas it was the opposite.

Today’s children

In today’s society, most children do not have what we had back then, the present might seems as if it were the best, however, certain privileges we enjoyed during our time has lost their identity now.

Insecurity has taken over peoples lives that every parent will live no stone unturned to protect their children.

So, care to share? Kindly tell me what you can remember in your childhood while growing up so that others can learn, I had so much freedom and so much fun with both my siblings and children my age, even though we were very poor but we were modest.

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