Water scarcity in some parts of FCT forces residents to fetch water from the stream as a truck now sells for 2500-Photos

Residents of some communities in the FCT have been facing tremendous water scarcity.

A development that has forced many to resort to fetching water from the streams and rivers due to the scarce commodity.

The scarcity has made water vendors to se25-litre per kg of water at 250 Naira making the entire truck sell for N2,500 for 10 gallons.

The most affected areas are Kubwa, Bwari, Dede, Dutse, Kaigini, among others, they either have to patronise water hawkers at the rate of 250 Naira per keg or join long queues at public boreholes.

The FCT Water Board had last week appealed to residents to persevere pending when repair and maintenance work is carried out on the Usama Dam Treatment Plant.

The price of popular sachet water known as pure water too has gone up due to the scarcity as a bag now sells between N120- N130.

Below are photos showing residents fetching water in the stream and long ques in boreholes.

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