Ugandan tech built smartphone that can detects Covid 19

A Ugandan tech company has developed a smartphone, G507, that allows users to take their temperatures and detect a potential Covid-19 symptom, serving as a brilliant option to temperature guns.

The phone was developed by a tech company in the country called SIMI Mobile. In a video documentary by Bloomberg QuickTake, it was also revealed that the phone has an inbuilt infrared sensor to enable it to carry out the function.

OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren: All the interesting facts about the device David Beecham Okware, an official of the company, said that though many people in the country may not be able to afford the phone as it is roughly $100, he hopes a foreseeable partnership with the government through the ministry of health will greatly reduce the price.

The phone was reportedly built in partnership with a Chinese firm and the production process took four months.

“In this built-in gun temperature in the phone, it does what they call self-calibration. As long as you’ve configured your phone and you’re connected to the internet, the phone does self-calibration which may be quite different from other gun temperatures which require regular calibration to give you accurate information or an accurate result of the test,” he said.

Reacting to the development, Emmanuel Ainebyoona from the ministry said that the device is a solution that the country needs at a critical time like this, hoping that it will go through required approvals to make it okay for public use.


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