The fear of losing a mother

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Every child dreads the mare thought of losing someone very close to him and that mostly is his mother.

Often times children are so acquainted with their mothers than they are to their fathers, it is only in very rear situations that you find a few being very close to their fathers, whatever that is has started and come into being right from time immemorial.

My children and I were just having family time and I stumbled upon a video where the cleric was talking about death. So one of my daughters, (Eldest) Lament on the rate at which I listen/watch preachers these days is on the rise, so my son made a joke out of it and requested if I have been getting signals from the other side of the universe I should tell them in other to get prepared.

My 16-year-old daughter quickly jumped in and asked him to stop. He went further, but with a more authoritative voice this time around asked him to stop, she said at least not now!

I saw this profound apprehension and concern of losing the only one person she has grown to know and love all her life, and having her being taken away, could make her world not just crashed but come to a standstill. That really got me thinking about the role mothers play in the lives of their children and how empty that vacuum will be left when she is not there.

Today, the world has evolved into such a cruel.and demonic planet that you hardly find a safe place for a child who has no parent especially the mother.

Many children have been sent to an untimely grave due to them being subjected to one form of abuse or the other. Many are tortured on a daily basis by the same people who are supposed to protect them.

Mothers go through a lot most times to try to keep their children very safe, away from any kind of manhandled situation they may face in their lives.

But in most cases when a child finds himself in the wrong hands his world totally crumbles, this could be leaving with a stepmother or living in a foster home due to some unforeseen circumstances that might have occurred in that child’s life, whether by loss of a parent or both the parents or by separation of the parents from each other.

This to some is the beginning of the end of their lives, it always takes the grace of the almighty to turn out a better person.

The above encounter really made me evaluate my role as a mother once again, the legacies, the upbringing, the love, the plans for the immediate life and future, how do I prepare them for when I am not there.No child should lose a mother at such a very tender age, but it is something that is not put upon us to decide, the almighty controls our existence and can take each and every one of us when he deems fit.

This whole session has also thought me to always prepare the heart of the child, to get prepared for the worst in case it happens.

Even though it is a dreaded experience which no one will want to experience, even young adults sometimes find it very difficult to accept the passing away of parents especially the mother what more of a. Minor?

We pray for longer life in other to help nurture our children into adulthood before our exit to the great beyond until then, the fear of losing a mother is something very traumatic that just mere thinking about it sends a lot of concerns and traumatic experience.

Kudos to all mothers around the world for all their efforts and sacrifices, may we all leave long enough to reap our labor. 😊

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