Reps threatened to impeach president Buhari if he disregards the House resolutions on insecurity

The lower legislative chamber set up an ad-hoc committee to organise a security summit as part of efforts to restore peace across the country.

The move was made on Wednesday after it passed a resolution asking President Buhari to over the nation’s security challenges.

Hon. Dachung Bagos member representing Jos South/ Jos East from plateau state was speaking during a Channels Television programme on Thursday said, the lawmakers will move to impeach Buhari if he fails to implement the resolutions from the summit.

He said: “Our role is to advise and at the same time make laws, but we always have the last resort (and) after this last resort of this summit, if nothing is done brainstorming, spending resources to bring out solutions and the executive does not do anything after some months of it, definitely, we will call faction of the president.

“We have the power to impeach the president when he can no longer secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.”

Bagos added that while removing Buhari as president is “just like the last resort”, the lawmakers are “taking it very seriously.”

“We know the discussion we have to take to be able to come to this issue of having this summit. We know how members were made to understand that this summit we want to have will be as a last shot to the executive,” he said.

“But we can assure Nigerians that with the resolutions, and with what will come out of this summit, if the executives do not take this summit very seriously, and want to trash it just like other summits, then definitely the national assembly will hit the gavel on Mr President giving way to see who can come and implement our resolutions.

“Because we cannot continue to sit like this and see lives killed on a daily basis. Somebody daily for something at the end of the day.”

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