Police Boss seeks N24.8bln to fuel vehicles and motorcycles of the force

Nigerian Inspector-General of Police, Muhammad Adamu has disclosed that the Force will need N24.8bn to fuel its fleet of vehicles and motorcycles in a year.

The police boss disclosed this while presenting the 2020 budget performance and defending the 2021 budget proposal before the House of Representatives Committee on Police, he said they are being bogged down by the low envelope budgetary provisions.

The IGP said;

“The implication is that under an ideal situation, the amount that has been reviewed cannot meet up with the requirement of policing the country.

“If you take, for example, the daily fuel consumption for our vehicles; vehicles that have petrol engines take about N22.5bn to fuel it within the year.

“The motorcycles we have will require N834.4m to fuel. And those vehicles using diesel will require N4bn to fuel.

“So, if you compute this, with what has been proposed, fuel alone will take the chunk of the money that has been budgeted not to talk of maintenance. If we’re to maintain our vehicles and motorcycles, it’ll take about N8.04bn in a year.”

Adamu further disclosed that the 2021 budget estimate for the police was N469.4bn, but was scaled down to N449.6bn.

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