Notorious serial killer kills 2 in Jos..viewer discretion.

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Killer Data:

Location: – Shagari Corner, Jos North
Profession: – Vigilante/Neighbourhood
Cerem: – Maulud Celebration
Crime: – Killing innocent souls

It is clearly written in the Holy Books that, “whoever kill an innocent soul should be killed in return”.

An incidence happened in Corner Shagari, of Jos North LG in Plateau State, where Darika Faith Celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to show their love for him, while some people are eying those they will kill.

Some young people are sitting after coming back from Jos Central Mosques in celebrating the Maulud with the entire Muslim Umma, a vigilante personal came to them and ask them to leave that same place they are resting. They followed his instruction to avoid causing a mayhem of destruction within themselves, before the instruction he gave those young boys, he has been promising himself to killed one among them, whenever he have the opportunity, is a promised made by that VGN personal, they victim informed his Mother about what the killer is saying about killing him someday, but the mother didn’t take that to be serious, she advise the son to keep praying.

The killer removed a cell phone from his pocket and called some group of gangstas.

After the arrival of his gang, the VGN personal direct his gang to hold that victim which he promised to kill, he must deal with him today and face the jungle justice, they did as they were commanded, and he removed a knife from his pocket and stabbed this victim continuously, they victim is about escaping but still the killer go after him and continue to stabbed the victim, until he noticed that the victim is not breathing again.

Before he killed Adamu he killed one AYUBA in thesame area, without been prosecuted for Justice. He killed Adamu and he injured friends of Adamu as well, friends like Faisal and his likes.

Mother to Adamu is in need of our help, to prosecute this killer to court and make him to account for all his bad deeds, which he has been doing to innocent people of their community. Adamu is the only son of his Mother, he assist her in her daily activities, he financed her and make her happy, but today a killer has cut his life off.

The annoying part is, when the killer is been arrested by NPF, he will be released immediately, without him facing the killing Justice.

NPF should make this killer to account for his bad deeds, he should be killed as well or he should be imprisoned life in jail.

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