Nollywood Actress Tricia Aseigbe recounts 10 years of ridicule over childlessness

Nollywood actress Tricia Eseigbe Kerry and her husband, welcomed their first child in marriage on July 14, 2020.

The actress and TV presenter shared her ordeal which she went through for 10 solid year because of her childlessness

Tricia shared her experience in an interview with the Sun, where she revealed that she was ridiculed and stigmatized for ten years because she has not giving birth.

Speaking on her experience being a mother, Tricia expressed she is always full of joy because it is always a woman’s dream to give birth after marriage and thanked God for the blessing given to her.

It was 10 years of stigmatization, 10 years of ridicule, 10 years of unprecedented orthodox and traditional medical procedures, all in the quest to have a baby. But we thank God we are here to tell a positive story after this traumatic last 10 years. Be it physical, mental, spiritual, financial, psychological, anyw, ay you can describe it; it wasn’t a pleasant journey. I managed to cope with my faith in God and His grace that strengthens me to this day.”

She also added that,

”It is exciting; we give God all the glory. It is every woman’s dream and our society’s expectation that once you get married, you start having children. But the most important thing is that children are the next generation. I am happy.’

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