Nigerian citizens are not doing the government a favour, patience must be elastic -Femi Adesina- Video

Spokesperson to the president Femi Adesina has noted that the citizens are not in any way doing the government any favour by being patient with the security situation in the country.

Adesina, said this when taking some questions on insecurity yesterday while appearing on a Channels Television programme, stated that the citizenry is not doing the government a favour by being patient as the situation is being tackled.

He stated that Nigerians should be thankful bombs don’t go off daily as he claimed that there was a time it did in the country.

The presidential spokesperson stated that Nigerians should not dwell on the negative as life is about the rough and smooth.

He also added that since there are times when there are no cases of attacks for weeks and months, people should not make attacks which occur consecutively for 3 days look like it is the order of the day in the country.

Femi also explained that patience is something that should be elastic to be achieved.

Watch the video below.

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