Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the release of Nigerian artists earlier detained in Uganda

The ministry of foreign affairs, has confirmed the release of Nigerian artists who got arrested in Uganda for allegedly violating the Covid19 guidelines in the country.

The singers Stanley Omah Didia popularly known as Oma Lay and Temilade aka Tems we’re arrested for performing in Uganda during the weekend.

The Duo got arrested by the Ugandan police officers and we’re arreign for violation of the Ugandan law on coronavirus.

The pictur above showd the singer, his colleagues and manager after the Nigerian authorities in Uganda successfully secured their release on tuesday 15th December.

on the front row in the middle, 3rd – 5th from left – Openiyi Temilade (aka Tem), Stanley Omah Didia (alias Omah Lay) and Muyiwa Awoniyi (Tem’s Manager) – bounded on the left by the Vice Chairperson and Chairperson of Nigerian Community in Uganda (NCIU) and on the right by the Minister in Nigeria High Commission and the representative of the IGP of Uganda, in the reception of the Chancery of Nigeria High Commission in Kampala in the evening of Tuesday, 15/12/2020.

However the Ugandan authorities said;

Our arbitrarily arrested and illegally detained innocent young compatriots were released and discharged without condition and with an apology from the IGP of Uganda. Others in the group photo include other Home-based Officers in the High Commission who worked tirelessly on the unfortunate incident (standing from extreme right); other members of the artistes’ team from Nigeria, who were not arrested (back row standing in the middle); the mother of the Ugandan organiser of the ‘Brunch’ musical show (Salima Kim – still in detention), Dr. Nansozi Muwanga, a Prof of Political Science in Makare University; and Barr Emmanuel, the Ugandan lawyer to our accused compatriots who worked assiduously to ensure their release and unconditional discharge. The group photo followed the collection of samples for COVID-19 PCR test for our visiting compatriots and a post-release/discharge briefing in the conference hall of the Chancery of the High Commission, during which the chairperson of NCIU, Mr. Elias Edu; the representative of the IGP, General Christopher; Dr. Muwanga (mother of the local organiser of the Musical Brunch); and Barr Emmanuel, all spoke eloquently and regrettably on the unfortunate incident. The Minister in the High Commission directed affairs and brought the session to an end.

Distraction: Unexpectedly and rather preposterous, a Ugandan musician and political opprtunist locally known as ‘Bebe Cool’, the instigator of the unfortunate incident until proven otherwise, accompanied our dischaged compatriots (Muyiwa Awinoyi and Stanley Omah Didia) from prison to the High Commission and made his way, accompanied by some journalists, including a camera man, into the conference room of the High Commission. ‘Bebe Cool’, who was already misleading the public thro the social media about being instrumental to thethroughease of the Nigerian artistes and their manager (the same he instigated their targeted arrest/detention), was asked to leave the conference hall and the premises of the Chancery of Nigeria High Commission immediately with all those who accompanied him. The Minister’s instruction was duly enforced and obeyed.

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