“Me and my friends traveled by road to Katsina” Buhari’s media aide debunk Using a presidential jet for his wedding-Opinion

The media aide to the president on New Media Bashir Ahmed has denied the allegation by Sahara Reporters that he and his friends traveled to Katsina with the presidential Jet for his wedding Bashir said him and all his friends had traveled on Thursday by road.

My Opinion on this;

Ok, so this is the trend right now on Twitter sparked by my very own colleagues the Sahara Reporters, even though I would have just passed, but what actually drew my attention is the allegation by SA probably to spark up a debate or to just create more hatred for the said President which to me is needless.

Some of these young men have probably never been to the airport, as such it was a privilege for them due to the influence of their friend and they decided to pose for a photo.

Many on twitter are so insulting the Young groom even after explaining that he and his friends had traveled by road and were just at the airport to receive the dignitaries as seen on the other post by Mubarak.

I am giving Bashir the benefit of a doubt that what he said, is actually the correct version because he has to travel for his own wedding ahead of time in other to attend the events like Kamu and to generally put his house in order in preparation for his big day.

I wonder why sometimes we chose to be so blind even if the subject at hand is noticeable.

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