#Lekkitollgate-Who will apologize to Desmond Elliot and Omotola Jalade? (Opinion)

I was hopping that by now, one person, at least just one person will come out on behalf of the others to apologize to Omotola Jolade Ake-inde, Desmond Elliot and the young Movie maker , I can’t remember his name who spoke nothing but the truth on the #Lekkifabrication.

But no, it’s either some are busy seeking for asylum where no one is pursuing them but their lies, or those who want you to forcefully admit that there was a massacre in Lekki.

Omotola spoke the truth when she called on families who have lost someone to come out and speak (Soro Soke) or if there’s none we should put everything behind us and move forward.

She was called all sorts of names, insensitive etc, of course just like the hausa adage which says (Sarkin Yawa yafi sarkin Kari) she came out and apologized for peace to reign, some even alleged that she was bought by the government and she has to come out and defend herself.

Same with the young movie maker who spoke his truth and his entire generation was insulted including his ancestors, the shattered young man had to make a video to stand his ground that he cannot account for what he hadn’t seen and that he never said DJ Switch was wrong either, but since he has spoken his truth, let DJ Switch come and speak her truth too.

Desmond Elliot, the poor guy who saw how deteriorated our cultural norms has become, the venomous way we address each other on social media, the disrespect among the new generation to the old generation tried to speak against that, but alas, people went as far as insulting his entire childhood, his school days were they’ve assisted him in one way or the other.

They equally had to tell the world how he was being fed by his wife when he had nothing, and just like Omotola, he was forced to apologize just so everyone could be happy and he can keep his name and image.

Ok, now that it is all turning out to be fake, shouldn’t there be a single apology to those who insisted that they want more evidence to have believed?

I also have “YOUTHS” in my house, and I lost my voice arguing with them about the doctored videos, it was a day of divisiveness in my house, because, yes there was a shooting, and yes there were soldiers, but what I refused to believe was the use of the word “Massacre,” I told the “Youths” in my house that anything could have happened when that light went off and it could be a two-way thing.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a while, in 2001 Haipang, there was a massacre even brothers turned against their relatives it was a house to house operation slaughtering people

In 2008, there was a massacre in Jos North, this was a house-to-house operation where uniform men were killing innocent people at home, including the Mairuwa’s who only came to seek their livelihood.

In 2010, There was a massacre in Dogo Na Hawa, Kuru Karama, and kuru baba where families were wiped off.

2001, there was a massacre in Yalwan Shendam, same 2001 there was a massacre in Zaki Byam this was between the Nigerian army and the people who had earlier murdered their Men after kidnapping them.

We have Gindin akwati massacre, Riyom, Bassa, and other villages on the plateau.

All the above mentioned, there were dead bodies, and there were aggrieved families it was all visible to everyone alive then and we all saw it, but this one only happened in a Livestream video and now people are being forced to accept that it happened? I will do that when I see the families of victims demanding the whereabouts of their supposed killed victims.

Call me heartless if you want, but you have to convince me beyond those videos that 78 people, or 15 people or 7 people or even 1 person was killed and that is when I will believe it.

Until then, someone needs to be responsible enough to apologize to those innocent people who stood for the truth and wanted things to be done right not just some web of lies to gain cheap popularity or propaganda against the government.

We are all facing hardship in the country, but for us to change things and make them right, we need voters cards and as well we need to be sincere during the electioneering campaign, meaning keep our eyes off their money we can elect a candidate with potentials and the interest of the people at heart but without money, that’s if we do want to make the change happened.

Lastly, let’s all start by changing our mindsets, leave hatred aside, show a little bit of love to our fellow human beings, respect each other regardless of tribe, ethnicity, region, and religion because these four are Nigeria’s biggest enemy, and focus on just one goal that is to get Nigeria working again and to get the Nigeria of our dreams and the one we all desire for.

I apologize if I brought anyone pains which they have tried to bury in the past with my writeup, I just felt we needed to know.


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