Kim Kardashian flew to Wyoming to visit her husband while she asked to end their marriage

Kim Kardashian jetted to Wyoming to visit her husband Kanye West and was pictured crying in a car with him as they had crisis talks about the state of their relationship.

Kim reportedly told her husband that their marriage is over.” but remains “torn” over whether to divorce the rapper as she’s worried about being a single mum, according to a new report. reports the Keeping Up With The Kardashians flew out to see him tell him their marriage is over but she remains “torn” about whether to go through with the divorce.

A source told the site: “She was to the point that she flew to Cody to basically tell him their marriage is over and to say goodbye.

“He doesn’t seem to get what she is saying. He hasn’t changed anything that she told him needs to change.”

However, Kim reportedly remains worried about leaving her husband and being left to raise four kids alone.

The insider added: “Kim is very torn. The last thing she wants is to be divorced with four kids.

“She knows that she will be fine financially, but her concerns are the kids and the partnership

Kanye West has tweeted once again today about him crying at the thought of aborting his daughter, North.

source, the Nation Scoop

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