Journalist and social media activists Gimba Kakanda report a minister for allegedly breaking #Covid-19 rule

The Journalist, Gimba Kakanda took to Twitter to call the attention of the Minister of the FCT to the fact that a Minister in the Buhari administration is breaking social distancing guidelines by hosting a large party in Abuja.

Gimba said the party is currently holding in Life Camp and “there’s a large crowd”. He added that the erring Minister’s residence is close to the residence of the FCT Minister.

He Wrote:

“Dear FCT Minister @OfficialFCTA, My neigbour, a Minister in Buhari’s government, is having a big loud party right now in Life Camp. There’s a large crowd, and I hear Skales asking them to “shake body.” His residence is just a few minutes away from yours. I hate this animal farm.”

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