How I ended up with a t-shirt twice my size on an Ankara skirt, funny but horrible- photos

The 17th of December 2020 will forever remain an unforgettable day in my entire life.

Well, just like any normal day, I woke up very excited because I had an event to attend, my Boss’s Son was getting married, and part of the events was a luncheon slated to take place somewhere in Gwarimpa.

Of course, I went out all dressed up so that after my daily routine I will then come back to the event which is to be held around 3:am at Gwarimpa.

Alas, when it was nearly time to get going I went for congressional prayers and on the first raka’at, I heard my zip opened, that opening that you know it was spoiled.

I used my hand to feel it, behold the zipper has opened. I kept calm though, finished the prayers, but since we were at the ladies mosque before everyone could go I quickly turned to the sister directly behind me and asked her to check my zipper.

It started as a joke, it will go up but won’t come down, and of course, it has to come down first for it to go up successfully.

After several attempts with all the ladies becoming worried and gathered around me, I was asked to remove the dress completely.

Women supporting women in times of need.

Women always have this amazing support for each other, the moment you have a dilemma in public, most times they rally round you to give their support in whatever little way they can.

The whole thing was beginning to scare all of us there as the zipper decided to not just go up or draw it but it broke completely and no hope oh my!

So the sister who initially started the process advised that I use my vail to tie around my chest while I cover with the mosque hijab and go home.

Gen! Gen!! Gen!!! I began to make calls to the few ladies I know around the environment if I could get a gown or event a t-shirt to wear, but there was no success.

The same sister who originally was repairing my dress zipper, went back to her office and returned with the t-shirt in the pictures, as she stormed the mosque with the question any luck? And we all chorus no, and so she presented me with the t-shirt and prayed against a reoccurring situation.

All the ladies did same and I was left in the mosque to sort out myself and come out.

The Trauma

There will be no such experience without a trauma attached to it, first of all, I had a lot of engagement that day before leaving for the occasion I was going to attend, but how in Gods name was I supposed to walk around in such a baggy t-shirt?

I have never in my entire life experience such, agreed some few times my skirt zip will fumble but not the complete dress for me to be necked outside my home.

Another most traumatic concern was how I would have been walking around with an almost five yards green hijab with NASS boldly written on it and still feel comfortable.

So I manage to wear my t-shirt and go out, then back to the gallery, but you know, when you are embarrassed about something you feel like the whole world is gazing at you even though nobody gives a damn.

This was how I decided to abandon the remaining session and go home.

The fever

that day couldn’t just end like that because I felt so much terrified, embarrassed and furious at so many things plus the event that I could not attend.

All the above contributed to me having a very serious fever, gosh it didn’t just end there, I had to Trek out of the premises with my oversize t-shirt to meet a ride home.

It was such an inconvenient, dramatic and embarrassing moment for me that day, and I pray it never happens to anyone ever.

Until now, I’ve not called my boss to tell her why I couldn’t attend the event, but of course, it has to be a one on one talk to narrate my ordeal in person.

It’s been two weeks now and each time I remember, goosebumps appear on my skin, sorry I didn’t have a before the incident photo.😜😜

Happy new year in advance.

See more photos below.

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