Farmers and traders in Nsukka have raised concerns over incessant rainfall

Some traders and farmers in Nsukka town in Enugu State have expressed concern over the incessant rainfalls in the area since the month started.

The people said in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday that the rains had negatively affected their daily sales and income from their businesses.

With fears that the everyday rain might affect crop yield during this year’s harvest if the rains did not abate.
A food vendor, Mrs. Patricia Effiong, said business has been low due to the rains.

“Before September, I usually exhausted my food, even the one I prepared before, before the end of the day.
“Unfortunately, sales have dropped significantly with the rains and I now go home with unsold food.
“The reason is that people try to manage the food they have in their homes, while most workers take food to the office from home.

“I do not understand this kind of rain that will fall all day long since September 1 and not allow us to go about our businesses to be able to fend for our families,” she said.

A welder, Mr. Jude Ezeja, had also lamented on how the rain had affected his business and daily income.

“I am surprised by this everyday rain in September. I thought this kind of rain is usually experienced between June and July.
“I do not know if this is the effect of Climate Change or impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the environment,” he said.

Another farmer, Mr. Andrew Ozioko, also shared his concerned on how the rain may affect his cassava and cocoyam considering the continuous daily rainfall.

“My concern is that this constant rain would cause my cassava and cocoyam to rot away in the soil before the harvest period.

“As a farmer, it is from my farm that I get money to take care of myself and my family members.
“I am praying for God’s intervention for the rain to abate so that it will not affect my cassava and cocoyam harvest by October.

“I know that the Almighty God that gave me a bumper harvest in vegetables, maize, and garden eggs this year will also give me bumper harvest in cassava and cocoyam,” Ozioko said.

Source: The Herald

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