Emir of Muri gives 30 days ultimatum to bandits, says we will kill them without asking their names- video

The Emir of Muri Abbas Tafidda has spoken so passionately in the way bandits are terrorising the people of his area.

According to the emir, he is given the bandits thirty days to either stop kidnapping people or be killed when caught.

The Emir asked the Fulani’s known as the Bororo, (Nomads) if they are Muslims or not, and if they are Muslims why they picked up their brothers and demand ransom?

Emir Abbas Tafida said they must answer if they are Muslims or not saying they fought the pagans in the past and will do it again now.

He further said that they cannot be alive while their women are being kidnapped and rapped.

The Emir said henceforth, any ward head caught conniving with bandits will be killed and not just him his entire family will be wiped out.

in his words;

“if anyone is caught aiding or conniving with kidnappers, we are going to kill his father, mother, brothers and his entire family before killing him”.

he further called on the police saying;

“We know that you are government workers and we will respect your job, but if you ever caught a kidnapper and release him, we are going to kill them and let’s face the government”

Meanwhile, the minister of Power Saleh Mamman said the government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari is doing everything possible to bring an end to the insecurity situation.

Watch the video below.


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