DS Wase celebrate former Nigerian leader Gowon as he turns 86

The deputy speaker House of Representatives Hon. Idris Ahmed Maje, has delicate with the for President of Nigeria General Yakubu Gowon, on the occasion of his birthday. The former Nigerian leader turned 86 on the 18 October.

In a press statement signed by the Chief Press secretary of the Deputy speaker Umar Muhammad Puma, Wase described Gowon as a leader who is gentle, humble and a compassionate leader who ruled the coy try with the fear of God.

Read the statement below.

Press statement
From the Office of the Deputy Speaker,
House of Representatives
18th October, 2020

Wase celebrates Gowon at 86

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase, has congratulated former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, as he clicks 86 years of age.

In a statement signed by his chief press secretary, Umar Muhammad Puma, Wase described the former leader as a gentle, humble and compassionate leader “who ruled Nigeria with the fear of God.”

The deputy speaker added that Gowon is a patriot “who lives and thinks Nigeria in all he does and deserves to be celebrated.”

He said: “On behalf of my family and constituents, I wish to heartily rejoice with our father, grandfather, leader and former head of state, Gen. Dr. Yakubu Gowon Ph.D, as he clocks the age of 86.

“Nigeria’s history is incomplete without tacknowledgmentent of your works and efforts in uniting the nation and bringing us all as one irrespective of our diversities. Your efforts and love for peace helped to keep Nigeria one despite the civil war.

“I am very happy for the strength God has granted you and while congratulating you, I would like to wish y sound health and many more healthy years ahead.”

Wase also commended Gowon for his wisdom in pronouncing “no victor, no vanquished” after the civil war, saying this disposition helped in uniting and integrating Nigerians after the unfortunate incident.

The Deputy Speaker also thanked him for pioneering the “Nigeria Prays”, the initiative through which he has relentlessly used to preach peaceful co-existence across the nation.

“I pray that the Almighty Allah will give you many more years to continue to advise our leaders on how best to run this country, ensure justice and equanimity and give every citizen a sense of belonging,” he said.

Umar Muhammad Puma
Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Speaker,
House of Representatives

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