Dear women, do not marry a man that is READY. Marry a man that you LOVE- Reno Omokri issues relationship advice

Reno Omokri has adviced women to always get married to men they love not the ones that are ready.

Areeeno who posted this In social media advised how ! Woman should assist the man she loved to get to his dreams, ge equally said a woman can wait for her desired man if he is not financially stable before they both settle down.

He wrote;

Dear women,

Do not marra READY manDY.
Marry a man that you LOVE.
If the man that you LOVE is not READY
Then wait for him to be READY
Rather than marrying a man, you don’t LOVE, simply because he is READY.
That is a recipe for HEARTBREAK!
If the man that you love is taking too much time to get READY, then you should help him get READY, instead of rushing off to marry a man you do not LOVE, but who is READY.
Get a job or a business and use the proceeds to plan your future together.
A problem shared is a problem solved.

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