Court rules against president Buhari’s Appointment of 11 judges, says its unconstitutional

The Federal High Court in Abuja has ruled that President Muhammadu Buhari’s nominations of 11 Judges selected for appointment at the Federal capital Territory, has contravened the law.

The ruling was made on Wednesday September 23, on a lawsuit filed by an Abuja-based lawyer, Oladimeji Ekengba who contended that the forwarding of the names of the 11 nominees by Buhari to the Senate was in breach of section 256(2) of the Nigerian Constitution, Justice Inyang Ekwo agreed with the plaintiff that Buhari acted in contravention of the provision of Section 256(2) of the Constitution by forwarding the 11 names to the Senate.

The federal high court Judge also added that the action of the president could only be permitted or allowed if the appointments concerned the nominees for the head of a court such as the position of a chief judge.

Justice Ekwo further stated that despite the ruling, the president’s action would in no way affect the inauguration of the judges.

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