Cardi B reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Offset

American female HipHop Star, Cardi B has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband and Migos member, Offset.

A report from TMZ revealed that Cardi B filed court documents in the State of Georgia seeking the dissolution of her almost-three-year-old marriage as well as custody of their two-year-old daughter Kulture while Offset pays child support.

The rapper had revealed that they have been separated for a while and have no hope of things working out. The court documents however show that Offset is contesting the divorce and is not letting the marriage end so easily.

The news has come as a surprise to fans of both artistes who married secretly in 2017 and only revealed it to fans in 2018. Since the marriage, there have been numerous scandals about Offset cheating on his wife but Cardi B has stayed strong with her man, especially when people expected her to leave a long time ago.

Cardi B said at the time that she had the right to work things out with her man irrespective of the opinion of her fans. Offset had also broken the internet when he crashed her rolling loud set in 2018 to beg the rapper for forgiveness for his philandering ways.

The shocking news is coming a few days to what would have been their third wedding anniversary. Nobody really saw this coming

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