“Before you worry about European Covid-19 Vaccine, worry about educated Africans who wear European wigs to look like professional lawyers”- Tracy Zille blast Africans,

A South African social worker Tracy Zale has come up strong at Africans for outright condemnation and rejection of the Covid 19 Vaccine.

The Controversial Twitter user who pointed out how Africans are so gullible in their thinking called on them to embrace the vaccine as the west is not out to kill them but to help the world.

She equally pointed out how Africans would have been eliminated with a single toothpaste.

Here’s a little about Tracy Zille?

Tracy Zille was born on 14 October 1968 and the birthplace of Tracy Zille is South Africa and now she 51 years old now. Twitter user Tracy Zille raised a huge debate on social media with her controversial race-related thoughts. The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has traced the individual responsible for a controversial Twitter account under the name of ‘Tracy Zille’. The account, with 48,000 followers, is known for its race-baiting and controversial tweets. SAHRC commissioner Chris Nissen said they had sufficient evidence of hate speech and that the matter would be referred to the Equality Court.

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