A 26-year-old man reportedly commits suicide in Jos, Plateau State

A Young man by the name of Sarki reportedly committed suicide after takin snippet substance.

According to a Source Usama Jafar who shared the story on Facebook said Sarki was allegedly duped of the sum of N300, 000 which he borrowed from his childhood friend to expand his scrab business.

But unfortunately got duped about three weeks ago, he was said to have summoned the courage to tell his friend what happened just today, unknown to the friend he had already made provision for the snippet which he used in killing himself.

He has since been buried according to Islamic rites

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This is the funeral service of 26-year-old Sarki Abdul who committed suicide this afternoon over a three hundred thousand naira debt he owed his childhood friend in Jos.
Reports say Sarki was duped on the amount which he borrowed two weeks ago to improve his “scrap” business in Dilimi and he decided to drink sniper in his shop today.
Sarki had been acting strangely in the past few days as he called his sister on phone recently telling her his days on earth are numbered.
It was after explaining to his friend this afternoon that he was duped on the money that he entered his shop to drink the sniper.
His friend who first noticed the catastrophe rushed him to Ola Hospital where he gave up the ghost. Suicide should never be an option, ion, please.
May God protect us from catastrophic incidents. Ameen/ Amen.

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